Our Hitchin, Our Streets

Our Hitchin Our Streets (OHOS) was a community photography project organised by Hitchin Camera Club. 

Hitchin Camera Club has a website, hosted by The Digital Site, where anyone could upload a photograph of a Hitchin street. The aim (which was successfully completed) was that the people of Hitchin would together photograph all the streets of the town. OHOS ran from 1st April until 30th September 2016 and 1,248 images of Hitchin’s 488 streets were submitted.. 

OHOS aimed to show the diversity of the town from its historic streets and back alleys to the residential estates and industrial areas. There were no right or wrong images and we hoped for a wide range of photographs mixing urban landscapes, local details and people in the streets.  

Images uploaded to the website will form an on line archive, and there was an exhibition of selected images at the British Schools Museum in Hitchin during March 2017.

Please click HERE for “Our Hitchin, Our Streets".

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