Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

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Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby Fogey » Sun May 15, 2011 9:20 am

Here are the critiques for the April/May Challenge

Please bear in mind that these are just my personal opinions; don't be offended by anything I've said. The important thing is whether YOU liked your picture.

There are thumbnail images included in the critiques but if you'd like to see the full size images you may wish to have the competition album open in another browser window or tab and just flip between the two as required.

The critiques presented here are my personal opinions, and should not be construed as being representative of the opinions of the management or membership of The Digital Site.

These critiques are written with the purpose of providing the individual photographers with encouragement and assistance in furthering their photographic skills, and no offence is intended or should be taken by any impression or opinion stated herein. It is also hoped that the presentation of these critiques will entertain as well as enlighten those who read them!

Thank you for taking the time to read these critiques. Do please add to this thread if you disagree with anything I’ve said, or simply have something to say yourself about any of the entries.


The Sea by Mervyntattoo

This lovely seascape certainly fits the theme, with the light reflecting off the sea making the picture. I do like the composition of this image, with the headland occupying the top third of the frame.

The focussing and exposure are both spot on with a lot of detail in the sea. The blue caste, the leaden sky and the reflected light on the sea, (which leads the eye into the picture very nicely), gives the overall image a feeling of tranquillity, which I like very much.

Being very picky, I think a crop at the top of the image taking out the blown part of the sky, would give the image an even more ethereal feel.


Light on the Past by Philscott

This photograph personifies what I envisaged when I set the challenge. The shaft of light really does enhance a potentially mediocre image changing it into a really noteworthy picture. I note what the author said about the shaft of light being fleeting, so credit has to be given for this capture.

The amount of detail in this beautiful building is exceptional and the author has done extremely well to get the exposure right to achieve this, given the strong light coming in from the windows against the dark shadows of the vaulted roof.

My first thought was to clone out the figure on the steps, leaving the grandeur of the building to speak for itself. However, on reflection the figure does give a sense of scale to the building.

Being extremely picky, it would have been better, I think, had the author moved to the right a tad when taking the photo, as the image would have had a better symmetry with the arches of the lower stairs. Given the circumstances, I guess this just wasn’t possible. Nevertheless this is a stunning image, in my view.


Deserted Mill by Shady Marton

I like the composition of this image, with the arch formed by the broken wall leading the eye to the arched doorway. The wheel on the piece of machinery has a sort of symmetry with the arch of the doorway and makes a nice focal point.
The monochrome format suits the subject very well, giving a real air of dereliction.

However, what spoils this image for me is the blown light coming in from the window. I think the author would have done better metering on the light areas within the frame and recovering the resulting under-exposure with post processing. In this instance I don’t think a fill-in flash would have worked as all that would have achieved would be to blow out the wall in the foreground.

That being said, the shooting conditions were obviously far from perfect and the author has done well to capture the air of neglect.


Shadowed balcony by Shady Marton

Now this photograph I like. The lines of perspective, leading the eye into the picture is enough to capture the attention of the viewer on its own – the light streaming in merely enhances the image, with the angle of shadows from the setting sun giving depth to the picture.

The warm terracotta tones make me envious - I want to sit there and have a long cooling drink, enjoying the ambience of a Spanish villa.

A well spotted and well taken image.


Moonlit BBQ by Pipeman.

For me this picture is a mixture of extremes, which I am having trouble dealing with. The subject matter, a family having a moonlit bar-b-que, is absolutely spot on and is nothing less than I would expect from this author, of whom I am a great fan. The exposure of the family, the moon and the moonlit sea are as it should be and is very easy on the eye.

What doesn’t gel for me is the headland. Considering the land is backlit by the moon, it seems awfully light to my eye and doesn’t fit with the rest of the image. Maybe a touch with ‘curves’?

Compositionally, I think a post box crop taking out the bush on the left and the bit of sand at the bottom, would improve the picture. This would result in the moon and its reflection being moved to just left of centre, giving a pleasing L shape composition with people at the bottom of the frame. There would also be some symmetry with the people and the land, in my view.

Nonetheless, this is a cracking image.


Sunrise over Mount Guaza by Pipeman

I really do like this picture of a sunrise and credit has to be given to the author for getting out of bed to take the shot. I am always surprised at how some of the most effective photographs are the simplest. Here we have a silhouette of a mountain against a lightening sky – and my, what an image it is. Those sunrays are to die for.

Compositionally, the land is well placed in the lower third of the frame and the sunrays span the entire sky. The only thing I would do differently is to darken the sky in ‘Levels’, purely to make those sunrays a little more prominent.

There is little else to say about this beautiful photograph, other than, “You jammy sod”.


Dusk over the Estuary by TekkieAnne.

The thing that strikes me with this image is the amazing colours the dying sky produces, which has been well captured by the author. I like, also, the cloud formation which gives additional interest to the sky.

The composition is spot on, with the foreground occupying the lower third of the frame with just enough colour to determine the fields as they fall away to the estuary, which in turn, reflects the colour of the sky beautifully.

One picture I would happily hang on my wall.


Moonlit Sea by Bassbro

Another image that I envisaged when the challenge was set. This beautiful moonlit seascape certainly fits the challenge with the reflected light from the moon captured brilliantly.

Given the strength of the moonlight, the author has done very well to get the correct exposure, in my view. The waves have been captured, with minimum ‘creaming’ effect, showing good movement, there are even some moonbeams captured against that very atmospheric sky; the sky itself has enough interest not to be bland yet doesn’t detract from the main focus of the picture, the sea. I do like the way the moon itself is out of frame – a very effective use of light.

There is one thing, however, that would improve the photograph in my view and that is to have a letterbox crop to just below the sea-line, bottom left of the frame, taking out most of the beach, which I find unnecessary.

Other than that, a cracking image.

After a lot of deliberation, I have decided to award the first place to

Light on the Past, by Philscott


Second place goes to

Moonlit Sea, by Bassbro


Just pipping, and I do mean just pipping.

Sunrise Over Mount Guaza, by Pipeman


Congratulations to the winners and runners up.

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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby bassbro » Sun May 15, 2011 6:42 pm

Hi Fogey.. Thank you so much for your comments . Looking at it again i agree that a crop to the bottom would have improved things . If only i had thought of that at the time.
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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby mick » Sun May 15, 2011 7:25 pm

Congrats and well done Philscott, a beautiful study of light. Thanks for those observations Jeff and I agree with your choice of winners :thumbup:
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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby TekkieAnne » Sun May 15, 2011 7:59 pm

Thanks Jeff. I think you've made the right choice with three superb images. Well done Phil, Bassbro and Pipey. :)
Anne xx

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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby photo1grapher » Sun May 15, 2011 8:37 pm

well done every one and a big well done to dennis heaven nos he deserves it

bet hes away for the new camera now :clap:
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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby Hatter » Sun May 15, 2011 11:16 pm

Well done Phil, Dennis & Ron.
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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby Philscot » Mon May 16, 2011 5:56 am

Thank you very much for the comments, plenty of detail for everyone.
Well done to the winners and everyone who entered.
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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby Pipeman » Mon May 16, 2011 10:49 am

Congratulations Phil and Dennis and thanks for my third place. :thumbup:

Great crits Jeff - many thanks. :clap:
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Re: Results for the Challenge 'Light'.

Postby shady marton » Wed May 18, 2011 10:54 am

Well done to all who took part
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